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Ten Reasons Why Professional Carpet Cleaning Is Better

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In order to benefit from the unique advantages that a carpet has over other floor covering, it has to be properly maintained and cleaned. It’s no wonder that carpet manufacturers always recommend a certified professional carpet cleaning company or you can have your warranty void. You can only get partial results with DIY cleaning that uses a small, compact vacuum cleaner. It is recommended to have your carpets cleaned at 12-18 months interval as minimum. (If you have high traffic, then it should be more frequent.)

Carpets contribute greatly to your home or office health as it is perfect for trapping airborne contaminants. Every day, our home is under constant attack from tar, body oils, skin scales, insect parts and a host of other micro-organisms that eventually settles down to your carpet’s fibers. These can NOT be removed with a small DIY carpet cleaning machine especially if you have one of those plush carpets.

Your carpet is also under duress from liquid spills such as inks, oatmeal, coffee and other drinks. It can even be deposited with excreta from both humans and pets that cause unsightly stains and foul odors to emit. Because of the unreliable nature of portable carpet cleaners, it is often required by carpet manufacturers to have your carpets cleaned by certified professional carpet cleaning company.

Here are 10 reasons why it is necessary to use a certified professional cleaner.

Stubborn stains cannot be eliminated by small portable cleaning machines; they cannot beat the power of truck mount machines that generate far more heat and vacuum.
Professionals know the difference between each kind of carpet and how to handle each type. They also take measures on what is necessary in order to clean your carpets properly.
They are knowledgeable about the different stains and how to handle them. They know which chemicals to use without harming your precious carpets.
For the toughest deep rooted stains, only a professional cleaner with the right equipment can completely remove them.
They are well trained in using the systems and how to approach for each type of carpet fibers.
With the proper use of specialized equipment they can accelerate the drying times of the carpet.
Professional cleaners will only use approved chemicals that won’t damage or cause negative outcomes after cleaning.
They are insured, bonded and fully certified so you don’t have anything to worry about when accident happens inside your home.
Carpet cleaners are also certified, which requires them to undergo training of the most rigorous kind by an authoritative carpet cleaning institution.
They know how to protect and make your carpets stay cleaner longer.
They will always offer a guarantee on their work.
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